About Us

About Us


Hello, we are Nick and Colin, two friends who met 10 years ago working for a high tech software company in Marlow.

After spending most of our adult lives working in technology, we've decided to do something different, creative and exciting. We're making our very own London Dry Gin – inspired by our riverside town.

We’re full of admiration for local businesses that have grown through hard work and determination while remaining firmly rooted in the community. Our hope is to follow in their footsteps.

After many months of researching and experimenting, with evenings spent tasting and refining, we truly believe we've created a great-tasting, quality gin we are proud to share with you.

Our Story


After a few drinks during an evening out in Marlow, we deliberated about the choice of gin at the bar. We noticed that something was missing, a great tasting local gin.  

That night the deal was done and we agreed to invest our spare time in developing our very own gin with all the flavours we love. 

A plan was hatched, The Marlow Distillery was formed and Marlow Gin was born. 


We've spent 12 months building our small distillery and developing our own recipe right in the heart of Marlow. We are proud to introduce our quality, small batch, hand crafted gin dedicated to our lovely town.  

We hope you like it !

About Marlow Gin


We produce every bottle by hand from Matilda, our copper still in our little distillery in Marlow.

We source our Juniper carefully to give our spirit a fantastic taste, with strong notes of pine.

We add tones of citrus from the best quality lemongrass and fresh lime with liquorice to give a more viscous texture.

Angelica provides a long lasting flavour; while hops grown in the UK add a spicy, honey and earthy aroma  that also lets us celebrate and recognise the brewing history and heritage, past and present of our riverside town.

Marlow Gin Principles


Marlow Gin is developed and made in Marlow, we work with local businesses and focus on selling our products locally.


For us it's about people, people who drink Marlow Gin and people from local businesses we work with.  We aim to provide a great experience in every personal interaction.


Locally produced, with carefully selected ingredients is key to how we produce our great tasting Gin.

Hand Crafted

Each batch is handcrafted using traditional techniques in Matilda, our copper still.  We fill and label each and every bottle by hand and with care.